Has your system control room been over with dozens of servers because of the reasons such as different operating systems, different tasks, different applications, security, noncompatibility?

Well, how can you use all resources of these servers? 


Or how much money do you waste for idle resources which you don't use in server?

   Microsoft Platform


Netsistem creates solutions on maintanence, installation and design for customers from SMB (Small & Medium Business) network structures to multiple locations network structure .

Our project and support team which consists of MCP, MCSA, MCSE certified experts offers the best solution tailored to the need. 

Our company ,"Microsoft Gold Certified Partner", is the first and unique in the region.

   Hp Server Solutions


Consultancy which you will receive in the process of purchasing and installation taking into consideration parameters such as Redundancy, Performance and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of servers that we create criticall software systems such as Database applications, Groupware servers, Active Directory maintain the highest level of system in terms of system performance and reliability.

Netsistem gives support for maintenance, installation and managing of servers that is the heart of IT infstructure by certified and specialized personnel.

 We give both hardware and pre-sale support of HP Proliant Series servers by our HP Proliant AIS, ASE and ASP certified experts.

   Backup Systems


Nowadays it is unquestionable that data in electronic form is vey important for companies' productivity and continuity.

No system is %100 secure even we protect the systems at the highest level. Backup systems are the cheapest data recovery methods for the factors such as natural disasters and fire. Investments that you will make in systems is small when compared with damage caused by losses.   


Analysis being done to determine system need before backup systems not install is very important to choose the right system to make the right investment.

Netsistem gives required support and consultancy for accurate backup and determining accurate backup products.



As a result of analysis for your needs we offer you the most appropriate data storage solution to today's complex network structures such as high-capacity data storage systems that can respond the need for day by day increasing data storage systems, clustering or other high-accessibility solutions, multi-platform heterogeneous systems.  

Being made accurate investments and returning on investments will be provided with data storage technologies such as DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN(Storage Area Network) which are not cheap as initial investment cost but important for systems.

NETSISTEM that prefer HP and Microsoft products in data storage technologies gives support of these products by expert team.     

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