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  Things that slow down wireless network.



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      Placement of your router.

      No matter what type of WiFi or wireless router you have: 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.llg, or a combination, the placement of the device may have more impact on your signal than you know.

      You want your router in a central location. If possible, place it near the middle of the home, both on the floorplan and vertical level. It's important to keep your router away from walls, and especially metal objects. These things will interefere with the signal, making it weaker. A weaker signal may result in slow connections.

    • 2

      Choosing a channel.

      Most routers come with a preconfigured channel, usually in the middle of the spectrum. Just like on the radio, broadcasting on an empty channel reduces interference and allows a clear signal to get through. The biggest cause of interference from this is nearby wireless networks. You can use a free network stumbling tool or the configuration tool provided with your wireless network card on your computer to find out nearby network channels. If a neighbor's network is broadcasting on channel 6, you should pick a different channel such as 1 or 11. You select this by logging into your router using the supplied instructions.

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      Reduce wireless interference.

      Wireless interference is another often overlooked problem with wireless network speed. Interference can come not only from other wireless devices but from applicances such as microwaves, and even televisions and electrical outlets. Keep your wireless router away from other computer and electrical equipment. This can make a tremendous difference in wireless speed!

    • 4

      Add additional hardware.

      If you are still having trouble due to a weak signal or interference, you may have to upgrade to better hardware. Adding a better antenna to your router or computer can boost the signal reception to acceptable levels. Upgrading to a faster technology router is also an option. 802.11g is faster than 802.11b, and even faster is 802.11a. However, you will have to ensure your other hardware is compatible.





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