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  Record level for memory card.


One of the most used devices in the Mobile world is the Memory card. From the Matchbox sized SD(Secure Digital) card, to the Half-sized MiniSD card And finally the fingernail-sized MicroSD memory card, we’ve seen the industry growing fast! A few years ago a 16GB MicroSD card would have been a big deal for us mobile-savvy people, but as of today, it not much. The ever-growing demand for more and more flash memory for uses such as music, videos, images, and document storage has pushed Memory Card manufacturing companies to come up with Memory Cards of higher storage capacities.

Kingmax, a pretty well known Memory Card vendor, has introduced the first ever MicroSD card that has a storage capacity of 64GB! Kingmax has exceeded expectations of the mass by going beyond the expected 32GB, and taking things to the next level. The new card supports the microSDXC standard, where XC stands for “extended capacity.” 64GB is A LOT of storage space, and to fill it up, you’d need some 24 hours of 720p HD content/13107 128kbps songs/92 xvid movies! Yes, thats a lot of space for our smartphones to handle, as these phones are designed to work with MicroSD cards only upto 16GB.

Thus it is unlikely to work on current phones. But since the announcement of the Card, Cellphone manufacturers should have been getting their phones prepped up to work with such Extended Capacity cards. Kingmax hasn’t announced the pricing for the new card yet, but expect it to be available for purchase soon. Also expect other vendors to soon introduce their own 64GB microSD cards.

Do you think vendors might take it to the next level and possibly introduce a higher capacity card? Do you plan to own such a card or do you think its a waste of resources? Do tell us.





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